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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaFragment Joachim, 2015

Fragment Joachim, 2015

Opening of Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada solo exhibition at N2 Gallery (Enric Granados 61, Barcelona) this Thursday, May 7th at 7 p.m.

On show will be new works from his "Fragments", "Urban Analogy" and "Memorylithic" series. A video work documenting the creation of his ephemeral mural IDENTITY/Youssif/Manama in Bahrain is also be showcased as part of the "LOOP" Video Art Festival.

The Face of the City: New Documentary

The Bullit Documentary Series presents The Face of the City. With outstanding photography this documentary follows contemporary artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada as he embarks on his biggest challenge to date: a huge urban art piece covering eight acres that will open Northern Ireland's Belfast Festival. Jorge's works are created on a vast scale, covering several acres of land, are only visible from a considerable height and are photographed by satellites. The message in these colossal sized projects reveals itself only when one takes a significant step back from the details and observes the big picture.

Enric Granados 61
Barcelona, Catalonia 


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