Flowers And Art In Bloom At Macy's Downtown #art #en

CBS Local
MNfusion: Flowers And Art In Bloom At Macy's Downtown
"I think you can easily connect floral design to art," Donna Bachman, special productions director with Macy's, said. "The arts are a very important part ...
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Harper Ever After: A time capsule of art and love
Brett Harper, son of artists Charley and Edie Harper, will never forget the day about a dozen years ago when Chip Doyle, curator and archivist for the ...
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Borrowing, appropriating and stealing as old as art itself
There's no history of art without borrowing, appropriation and in some cases theft. Certainly the past century is inconceivable without found objects ...
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artnet News
IKEA Art Print Fools Museum Visitors in Netherlands
A video showing visitors to the Arnhem Museum in the Netherlands being punked with a 10-Euro IKEA print has gone viral. With over 1 million views ...
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