Barcelona, Catalonia | Manoeuvre by Perejaume | Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya

Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (MNAC)

Manoeuvre by Perejaume with works, someones anonymous, and others by Antoni Maria Alcover, Joan Amades, Ramon Amadeu, Lluís Bonifàs, Joan Brossa, Juan Caramuel, Josep Comas i Solà, Joan Coromines, Josep Costa, Salvador Dalí, Lluís Domènec i Montaner, Apel·les Fenosa, J. V. Foix, Eduard Fontserè, Marià Fortuny, Federico García Lorca, Josep Maria Jujol, Frederic Macau, Marià Manent, Ramon Martí Alsina, Cèsar Martinell, Joaquim Mir, Joan Miró, Pablo Palazuelo, Pablo Picasso, Josep Real Homs, Francesc Santacruz, Antoni Tàpies, Josefa Tolrà, Francesc Tramulles, Jacint Verdaguer, Bernat Vila and El Vistaire de Sant Jeroni.

This project takes a cross-cutting look at Catalan artistic creation and the idea of a possible invisible connecting thread making it recognisable across the ages. Apart from its calendar of exhibitions, one line of work at the Museu Nacional centres on the idea of having contemporary artists and creators permanently present through occasional interventions or presentations. While maintaining the main focus of all its activity on its collection, spanning more than ten centuries of art history, we see the museum as a living, critical space and by its very nature the setting for artists. In fact, all artists have always worked on the basis of the tradition preceding them and, in this sense, the work of the Museu Nacional with contemporary artists must give rise to dialogues and critical revisions of the collection. In Perejaume's own words, it will be an exhibition of 'pairings of works that reveal a persistent, discreet substrate. With special attention to oval shapes with a tubular, bulbous, astronomic or corporal origin'.

Perejaume (Sant Pol de Mar, 1957) has often been associated with a number of practices that include painting, writing and the performative nature of works of art when moved. This heterogeneity of means and methods produces a dialectic that works against the grain of the links between text and image, voice and body, language and land, and so many others. This has made him difficult to pigeonhole as an artist and brings his profile more in line with that of a critic of culture.

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