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Ex ungue leonem. Marble heads by the Master of Cabestany

04/04/2014 - 28/09/2014

Curator: Jordi Camps
Location: Room 4


Coinciding with the Romanesque International Conference to be held at the museum in April and organised in collaboration with the British Archaeological Association, a series of works by the Master of Cabestany will be on show in the rooms of the permanent collection.

Ex ungue leonem is a Latin expression which literally means "from the claw to the lion". It refers to the fact that, from a part an image cam be conceived that whole, just like the marble works he displayed.

The four marble heads that we are presenting are fragments from the doorway of Sant Pere de Rodes, a masterpiece attributed to one of the most surprising Romanesque sculptors, the 'Master of Cabestany'. His work has been found in several places in southern Europe, from Tuscany (Italy) to Navarre, although most of the examples conserved are to be found in northern Catalonia and Languedoc.

Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya
Barcelona, Catalunya

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