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RED GREENHOUSE – Seet van Hout (NL)
June 10 – 30, 2014, Mon – Fri, 11:00 – 17:00 u.n.V.

„The miracle is never perfect when it happens. Only the memory makes it so." Erich Maria Remarque.

The Gallery WHITECONCEPTS is pleased to present the first exhibition in Berlin of Dutch artist Seet van Hout. The exhibition is comprised of about 20 works, which represents a selection of her artistic spectrum, consisting of paintings, drawings, textile works, objet d'art and ceramics.

The central theme in the work of the renowned artist is the memory which forms a spiritual identity, a thinking being. On one hand, her field of study expands from fragments that appear in front of the inner eye, on the other, the complex identity of a person is created throughout their life and their manner, through dealing with things in the world, then influences their choices in the present.

Van Hout's experimental approach reflects the vivid, interdependency and serendipity of the world throughout abstract art, with informal and surreal elements toward allegorical depiction. She combines these elements, differentiates, complements, arranges, forms, feels, senses and so allows space for coincidences to affect her work. Art serves her as a transforming and transcendent medium on different levels of consciousness.

Large-scale installations, two-dimensional works and ceramics present an holistic approach, which connect together philosophy, science and religion with experiences and her portraits of the mystics, of modern research and everyday life.

The title of the exhibition "Red Greenhouse" refers to her love for color and nature. Her floral motifs sustain a symbol of growth and mortality, a process to which all living beings in their journeys of self-discovery are subjugated. At WHITECONCEPTS gallery Seet van Hout exhibits precise "needle work", which comes from a contemplative dialogue between graphics and on-the-line oriented impulses, as well as object-like filament structures that connect to three-dimensional space. In other artistic processes she interweaves chemical color experiments with neuroscience and spiritual ideas. In the spirit of the ultimate goal of alchemy, her work inspires and transcends the being toward the perfection and purification of the soul. Accordingly, the artist accepts the three goddesses of fate and destiny. They hold the threads of peoples' lives in their hands: the first spins the thread, the second measures it and the third cuts it off.  

Seet van Hout's work has been shown worldwide in numerous exhibitions in galleries and museums, including in the Bibliotheca Alexandria, Xi'An Academy Museum, the Stedelijk Museum.  Her work is represented in important private and public collections such as ABN AMRO Collection, The Hague, Gelderland Art Collection, the museum collection of the Kyoto Institute of Technology, the Sanders collection or the collection of the Stedelijk Museum.

In 2011 a catalog titled "Red Greenhouse" was published including essays by Prof. Mieke Bal, PhD Martin Gesing, Suzanna Heman, Martin Rehkopp and Wouter Weijers.  

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by Nicole F. Loeser 
Auguststrasse 35
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