Age not a barrier for artists #en

Outsider Insight helps artists with mental health problems
She's one of 12 artists who have signed up. The program has room for another 25 artists and is encouraging any interested mental-health consumers ...
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Young Marysville artists recognized in Reflections
The Reflections program, run through local PTAs and PTSAs throughout the country, is for young artists from pre-school all the way to high school.
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Latin Post
Fashion Designers & Artists Infuse 3-D Printing with Design, Taking the Global Trend to a New ...
Fashion designers and artists from around the world are always looking for the latest in cutting edge trends and designs. Now a "new" medium is ...
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Age not a barrier for artists
Bernice Siefert mixes acrylic paint to get the right shade while working in the artist studio at Kendal at Granville. Siefert was commissioned to create ...
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